Culture of Gaming’s Best Horror Games of 2018

Not everyone likes Horror Games, but even so, we had to include a best Horror Games GOTY article in the list. So here it is, our favorite Horror Games of 2018. WINNER: CALL OF CUTHULU H.P. Lovecraft is a name that will be forever associated with the horror genre. Though it has lost a lot […]

The Best Paranormal Horror Anime To Watch This Halloween

Horror Anime: Paranormal

With so much anime out there to see, which ones deserve some of your time? Well, we’re here to give you some insight into some we have found to be a solid view. A central theme here will be centered around ghosts and the paranormal in general. You may agree or disagree with these picks, […]

Modern Horror Films: The Mistakes Made

Modern Horror Film

Today’s modern horror film isn’t how it used to be. We used to have monsters, ghosts, and even animals that had given us all chills. In a way, we do still get those items, but with the exception of the chills. How many people can safely say they have been afraid to watch a movie […]

Creepy comic book Halloween spooktacular

Staying in this All Hallows’ Eve? As you sit by the fireplace nothing would make the sound of snubbing those irritating trick or treaters more satisfying than relaxing with a bottle of wine and a good book, a comic book, that is. Here are some of this year’s terrifying tomes that are hitting comic books stores just in time for Halloween.

Ode To A Moon Looks Like Stranger Things on an Acid Trip… and we love it

Ode to a Moon

If you’re a fan of psychedelic immersive sims like LSD Dream Simulator, you might be interested in Colorfiction’s upcoming Ode To A Moon. It’s an 80’s-set first-person horror game with a tone and soundtrack that’s evocative of Stranger Things. The trailer (above) conveys an early-80’s vibe, complete with VHS filter and a synth-version of Bach’s “Overture […]

Horror Films: The First of Many!

Horror Classics

Most of us enjoy horror films year-round. Even though Halloween is considered a special occasion, there is no reason not to watch other months of the year. Some of the first horror movies were considered some of the best in cinema. There was little to no option in terms of choosing your favorite film. Nowadays […]

Horror Films: So Bad It’s Good?

Horror Classics

We all have movies we enjoy that cross the territory of being so bad that we can’t help but laugh. Every Halloween it’s no different. We live for the horror, yet stay for the comedy. What makes a horror film particularly bad? What makes that film something we get invested in and watch each year? […]