This article was published on behalf of Digital Authority! No matter if you are a gamer or not, they have some of the coolest gift opportunities in the world. Some are practical that they can use to enhance their gaming experience, while some are just downright awesome. Here are 5 […]

Cuphead is a 2017 indie smash-hit that took the gaming world for a loop.  Cup Head is a bullet-hell Contra-style shooter with hand drawn art.  Delivered in style of a 1930s Disney animated film, Cuphead’s style points and art are flawless.  On the 200th episode of the Tesla-based podcast, “Ride the Lightning” […]

Released back in Feb. 2003, the Gameboy Advance SP is an upgraded version of the original Gameboy Advance. It housed a great library of video games and was backward compatible with Gameboy and Gameboy Color games. The Gameboy Advance series sold 81.48 million units worldwide and 43.52 million of these […]