In my most recent article, I couldn’t help but wander off on a tangent about Halo: Reach’s brilliant narrative conclusion as soon as I got the chance. It places you in the shoes of a single spartan strike team attempting to defeat an entire planetary invasion. An impossible task, but […]

Gameplay of Halo Reach, in the PC edition of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, was shown off today by 343 Industries. Ske7ch, Max, and IK Grubb sat down and live-streamed some demo gameplay from a build that they’re planning on bringing to E3. They confirmed that those attending E3 this year will be […]

The Fall of Reach At the beginning of April we heard from Brian Jarrad, the community director of 343 Industries, that testing for the long anticipated Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC version and Halo: Reach console addition would likely begin testing this month. That was if everything went according to their game plan. […]