Doncaster’s Video Game Market Returns on March 3rd

Video Game Market

“For many people, retro gaming conjures up memories of fun gaming nights with friends on a sofa,” says Andy Brown, coordinator of Doncaster, UK’s Video Game Market. “We love to bring that nostalgia back to people with classic games for passionate gamers and collectors.” The Video Game Market, an annual gathering of vintage video game […]

Nintendo Files Patent for a Game Boy Phone Case

Game Boy Poster

Have you been begging for a Game Boy Classic to play Pokémon like the good ol’ days? Well, as it turns out, Nintendo might be making one… kind of! In the wake of the NES and SNES Classic editions, a patent for a Game Boy-style smart-phone case was published on September 27. According to the […]

Top Five Best Nintendo Consoles

When given the task of making a top five consoles list, I came to the realization that I do not have much experience with certain consoles such as any of the Atari or Jaguar consoles. Then I thought of the company of which I have had the most experience and fond memories. I thought of […]

This Week In Video Game History (Sept 4th-10th)

This Week In Video Game History – SNK launch their final home video game system, an innovative shoot em up from Namco is released, Luigi makes his debut and one of Nintendo’s greatest innovators is born, This week in 1994, SNK launched their final home video game console – the NEO GEO CD. Before the […]