Splitgate: Arena Warfare is the Halo/Portal crossover We’ve Always Wanted

Say, do you like Portal? How about Halo? Well, how about a blend between the two? Piqued your interest? Well, it should; 1047 Games’ upcoming Splitgate: Arena Warfare is exactly that blend between Halo and Portal that we’ve secretly wanted but never bothered to ask for. It looks phenomenal. Portal Warfare Really, the concept for […]

Culture of Gaming’s Top 10 Black Friday Deals

BLACK FRIDAY IS SO CLOSE NOW YOU CAN ALMOST TASTE IT! with that being said, here are our picks of what you should pick up during this year’s Black Friday sales. From Doom to Black Ops 4, everything is here in this list including a couple of games from last year as well.   Let […]

Half-life and Ocarina of Time, 20 Years Later

Half-life Ocarina of Time

November 1998 – one of the most important months in the video game industry. It was on this month, 20 years ago, that two massively influential video games graced the earth. They were entirely different games – separated by genre, thematic tone, and even the PC/console gap – but in an eerily similar way, they […]

Retro Rumble Podcast Episode #08: Half-Life

Hello everyone! In this weeks episode, the Retro Rumble team gather to discuss one of the greatest video games ever created and one of the most influential and important first-person shooters, HALF-LIFE. Join this weeks host, Ethan, Joel and David (for whom Half-Life is an all-time favourite). We look both entries in the series so […]

Grassroots of Gaming #2: Blasters of the Universe VR

VR has only grown in influence over the last few years. This new form of gaming technology has pushed the technological threshold for how gaming can be experienced. One studio currently helping to push VR as a great new form of gaming is Canadian developers Secret Location. Along with Candian publisher Archiact, Secret Location is […]