As lovers of video games here at our humble community, Culture of Gaming, we not only love new games but we can’t wait for sequels to new games as well. But what happens when sequels to these games that we love feel unnecessary? When does too much of a good […]

Tekken 7 is adding another guest character to it’s expanding roster. Noctis from Final Fantasy XV will be making the trip and he’s packing his Engine Blade. The news comes a special announcement straight from the Tekken World Tour Finals. Noctis joins Akuma and Geese Howard as the third guest character […]

A gamer’s backlog can be a terrifying beast. From the moment of its inception, it is almost doomed to complete and utter failure. At first glance the list is manageable: 2-3 games that you’ll get to “at some point” or “hopefully in the near future”. You keep adding and adding, […]