If you haven’t already, it’s seriously time for you to put the next iteration of Guilty Gear on your RADAR. -STRIVE- is the next game in the long-running fighting game series and it’s shaping up to be something really special for fighting game fans. Guilty Gear –STRIVE- is looking to […]

98 episodes later, Black Clover is worth the watch. Originally airing in the Fall 2017 season, Black Clover began competing in the anime space for the next poster child of Shounen anime, in a time that had recently seen the end of some of the most recognizable franchises like Naruto: Shippuden (Boruto not withstanding), […]

There were plenty of announcements at EVO 2019, and while we did cover them, there was one game that deserves a closer inspection. While the Blazblue Cross Tag Battle tournament had the fewest amount of participants out of the main games, the top 8 was still exciting to watch thanks […]

Not even a week has gone by and already the speculation train for Mortal Kombat 11 has gone off the rails. It isn’t a bad thing since many NetherRealm fans are rightfully excited for the upcoming game in April, but with how soon it will arrive, we could see character […]

EVO 2018 has come to a close again and with it, some of the best fights we’ve seen in gaming. If you were able to watch the stream on Sunday, you got to see some top quality skirmishes among the world’s best. While we all got to enjoy the fights, […]