Game Crossovers That Actually Make Sense

For as long as fiction has existed, people have always wondered, “What would happen if my favorite characters that could never meet actually met?” Crossovers are nothing new in video games. From character brawlers like Smash Bros bringing Solid Snake in contact with Wario’s farts, to a hint that The Last of Us is the […]

5 Forgotten Game Series That Should Be Revived on the Nintendo Switch

Every game ever should be on the Nintendo Switch. Every. Game. Ever. That being said, there are number of forgotten game series that would work especially well as revivals on Switch. Whether they were made by Nintendo or not, these series deserve love that they haven’t received for a good long time. So, here are […]

What Should We Expect from Nintendo’s E3 in 2018?

E3 has always been something that gamers look forward to and it’s very hard to determine what to expect. However, several explosive goodies are dropped onto the big E3 stage. These explosive goodies are supposed to excite the crowds and could be video games or consoles. Explosive goodies or not, however, it should be an […]