SoCal Retro Gaming Expo Recap!

SoCal Retro Gaming Expo - Pasadena Convention Center

This past weekend was extremely fun and very inviting during my trip to SoCal Retro Gaming Expo at the Pasadena Convention Center. I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with old friends, find new ones, and create my own experiences. As someone who primarily takes photos as a hobby, going to a panel is rare. […]

Anime Los Angeles: An Event With Something for Everyone

Anime Los Angeles 2019 - ALA

Despite the recent case of arson against a cosplayer during Anime Los Angeles, this convention remains a place to explore your inner child and inner geek. It’s a place full of self-expression and charm. You’ll find something here that will grab you to some degree. People made this happen for us. Those people made this convention […]

Fire at Anime Los Angeles: The Weekend Incident

Anime Los Angeles Car Fire Disaster

Conventions are a place to share like-minded ideals. We go to the same event to have fun and help each other leave behind the norm for a weekend. It’s a place where most attending will lend their hand out to help. There are also the typical con-goers who just go to party, and that’s their […]

Square Enix Tokyo Game Show Event – Day 4

Square Enix Tokyo Game Show 2018

With Tokyo Game Show 2018 having closed, we take a look into the last day for Square Enix. The company that made their name in the JRPG genre. A company that really delivers a product, and delivers it with honesty. Some games they created might have been hit or miss, depending on a certain point […]

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018: PlayStation Event Recap

With the first day of Tokyo Games Show having wrapped up, we see some awesome trailers, fun commentary, and amazing gameplay. The PlayStation event started strong showing off trailers, 52 in fact, as well as a short ad for the newest PlayStation Classic which is slated for release December 3, 2018. PlayStation showed off gameplay […]