The Quintessential Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Guide

Gaming keyboards and mice can be daunting when first getting into gaming. Rubber domes, Cherry MX, Romer G’s, Kalihs, Optical Sensors, Topres, Laser Sensors, oh my! The world of gaming keyboards and mice can be daunting and confusing to newcomers at first, but fret not! This article will try and wade through the river that […]

Esports Driver beats Formula E driver in Real Life

An esports racing driver claimed a historic victory over an ex-F1 driver in real life, on a real life track.  Sim racer and professional gamer Enzo Bonito (@EnzoBonito17) took on Formula E and ex-F1 driver Lucas di Grassi (@LucasdiGrassi) earlier today, and beat him by over half a second. Doing so, with a final time […]

Starxium 20XX Launches Kickstarter

starxium 20xx

Starxium 20XX, the first game by The Midnight Team, has just launched its Kickstarter. The Midnight Team is a one-man studio run by Hugo Attal who is the creator, developer, game designer, graphist, composer, 3D modeler, webmaster, community manager, designer and marketer of Starxium 20XX. A neon-lit callback to the 80’s, Starxium is a competitive four-on-four […]

The Slow Suffocation of Dragon Ball FighterZ

As we prepare to wrap up 2018, one can’t help but be in pure astonishment over what we got this year in terms of fighting games. There was Soulcalibur making its triumphant return; the debut of crossover fighter BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle that featured Arc System Works’s finest alongside warriors from other franchises, such as characters […]

How did Mind Sports set the Stage for eSports?

In the past, sports were associated with physically fit athletes who had reached the top of their profession through rigorous body training and exercise. But, in recent years, the emergence of mind sports has proved that competition doesn’t always have to come down to who has more strength or physical ability. Games like chess and […]

GFinity Elite Series Season 4 Week 1 Wrap-up

GFinity Season 4

At long last, GFinity season 4 is in full swing. The Rocket League, FIFA 19, and Street Fighter V tournaments all kicked off last week, and they didn’t disappoint. Here’s a brief recap of last weekend’s brackets. FIFA 19 The season kicked off with their first FIFA 19 competition. exceL esports and Method, two prominent […]

Gfinity Season 4 kicks off with SFV, Fifa 19 and More

GFinity Season 4

Popular UK-based eSports provider Gfinity has confirmed that their fourth Elite Series season will be returning soon. E-Sports titles FIFA 19, Rocket League¸ and Street Fighter V are all on the docket for Gfinity’s schedule. The action will kick off on October 26. Brackets for FIFA 19 will be from 6pm to 10pm BST every Friday […]