Unity Technologies Planning To Go Public?

Unity Technologies Planning To Go Public Featured Image

The video game engine creator Unity Technologies is planning on going public early next year, according to reports from Cheddar. An anonymous source told Cheddar the start-up company is planning its Initial Public Offering (IPO) for the first half of 2020, as long as market conditions remain favourable. This rumoured news comes off the back […]

Metro Exodus Leaves Steam, Joins Epic, and Valve’s a Bit Upset About it

Metro Exodus

The Epic Games store is certainly picking up steam. At the same time taking attention away from Steam. Already, multiple big-hitters like Hades, Journey, The Division 2, and Super Meatboy Forever have parted ways with Valve to become Epic Games store exclusives on PC. And now, it’s looking like Epic may have recruited yet another […]

Power Up Podcast #54 – Modding Banned in Japan & Activision/Bungie Split

Power Up In this weeks Episode, Taylor is still out of town at CES. But, Andrew and Anthony are joined by David and Aidan as they discuss Japan’s Modding situation, as well as Bungie Splitting from Activision.   First Up, David discusses just what it means to be a gamer in Japan now and why […]

Subnautica Free on Epic Now


Subnautica, the underwater exploration game by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, is available for free right now on the Epic Game Store. Anyone using the new game store made by the Fortnite empire will be able to keep Subnautica forever if claimed by December 25th. The normally $25 game can be found by following the link HERE […]

A Tribute To Sony and Cross-play

Sony, you’ve done it. You’ve opened the cross-play gates – the gates that have prohibited the citizens of PlayStation Land™ long enough. At long last, everyone is free! Free to wander outside the boundaries! To meander the hills and dales of Xbox World® and Nintendo Planet©! To mingle with their PlayStation-less friends in a society […]

PUBG Dev Shames Fortnite Battle Royale Mode


Earlier this week, Fortnite announced a 100 player Battle Royale Mode coming to the game. After examining the gameplay themselves, the developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ have taken hurt to the likeness. The Vice President and executive producer of Bluehole, Chang Han Kim, made an announcement on the matter. “We’ve had an ongoing relationship with Epic Games […]

Fortnite Accidentally Enables Cross Platform Play


Since E3 this year, there has been an interest in cross-platform connectivity. This year, both Minecraft and Rocket League have opened themselves up to connecting between Xbox One, PC, Switch, and mobile; the lone holdout being the PlayStation 4. There have been other games over the years that allowed connection between platforms and PC, such as […]