A leak of a completely unannounced Star Wars title simply called “Project Maverick” surfaced via a twitter bot earlier today. The bot updates automatically about new titles added to the PSN store. Through some error, the bot posted a tweet about a game titled “Maverick,” along with an image containing […]

Little is known about what the developers of The Sims 4 have in store this year for fans of the popular life-simulation game. Currently, the only content announced with a release date of this year is the Tiny Living stuff pack which is coming next week. There is also a community-voted Arts & […]

There is no doubt you have had a run-in with a bad game. It’s a simple fact of gaming life, considering how titles have shipped to various parts of the globe. Perhaps you’ve only come across titles with minor annoyances. Or maybe you’ve encountered a title you couldn’t stand picking […]

Apex Legends‘ possible next character, Crypto, is making appearances in-game. The game’s subreddit is already full of videos of people that encountered him. Players can see Crypto in Labs, while the character is working behind protective glass. When Crypto realizes that players are watching, he escapes from a door nearby. […]

Remakes are strange beasts. On the one hand there is a need and desire to stay true to the way the game played and felt when it was first released. But on the other hand, some conventions and themes that were present in the original may not quite hold up […]

Electronic Arts lays off 350 employees from their marketing publishing and operations teams while scaling back their staff in Japan and Russia. CEO Andrew Wilson made the announcement on EA’s website under “Updating Our Organization And Addressing Our Challenges.” Wilson states, “We’re making deliberate moves to better deliver on our […]

BioWare is a company that is known for creating superb RPG series. For example, games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic all belong to them. For years, BioWare has been working under Electronic Arts, and almost nothing was stopping the company from creating games with […]