Tabletop Gods: Early-Access Game Review

Tabletop Gods Review

From developer Ghost Fish Games comes a real-time strategy game called Tabletop Gods. Lead your troops to battle in this tabletop-inspired strategy game. Set traps before each round to help defend your towers (strongholds) and bolster your defenses. Use your units and magic effectively, for each move made needs to be met with precision and […]

Early Access: Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Early Access Last-Minute Gifts

People might say to never play games in early access, but that’s far from the truth. Though with certain early access games, it’s easy to see why people may think that. For example, early access games may end up being dropped during development, or straight up broken after full release. After the pirate-themed MMO Atlas left […]

while True: learn() Review

This game is in early access state. A review code was provided to Culture of Gaming for review. In recent years, there has been quite a push from organizations like Codecademy encouraging younger and younger kids to learn coding. No matter which program or language the organization wishes to teach, one universal factor is the method that […]

2D Rainbow Six-like “Door Kickers: Action Squad” Leaves Early Access

Today, KillHouse Games’s off-the-walls 2D shooter Door Kickers: Action Squad has left Steam’s Early Access program. Inspired by games like Hotline Miami and Rainbow Six Siege, Action Squad puts the player in the position of an FBI tactical operator. They must maneuver through an enclosed area (such as a train or house) and take down […]

Fear The Wolves Early Access Review

This game was evaluated in an early access state. The developers of Fear The Wolves, Vostok, provided Culture of Gaming with a review copy. A New Challenger Approaches The battle royale genre is currently dominating the gaming scene right now, much like the survival/crafting genre did only a few years prior. The common trend is […]

A Look into Battalion 1944’s Early Access on Steam

battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 was Kickstarted back in 2016 by Bulkhead Interactive. It tripled its goal of £100,000, raising £317,281 with 10,096 backers. It was designed as a “throwback FPS”. I know what you’re thinking, and stop, its not a Unreal Tournament or Quake arena shooter. Think more Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory meets CoD 2. It’s a callback […]