EA is predicted to announce several new titles this year, including an “HD” title. There are some rumors about what is in store for the year, mostly unconfirmed by EA themselves. However, in EA’s most recent earnings report, they stated that they expect to announce titles for the 2021 fiscal […]

It’s coming back, it’s coming back, it’s coming, Football’s coming back. The football season has finally started again this week. With all the major European leagues having already played their first fixtures I thought it best to have a look at some of the best football games ever made to […]

If you are Canadian like I am, hockey is part of your actual genetic makeup. Chances are you played it as a kid whether on ice or on the street. You watched it at one time or another. With seven NHL teams in Canada, even if you are not a die-hard sports fan, you probably jumped on that bandwagon and cheered on your city’s team in the playoffs at one time in your life.