Just over a decade ago, the bulk of online streaming took place on a small number of free-to-use content platforms like YouTube or MySpace. However, since then streaming has gone on to dominate entire industries, becoming the primary source of revenue, content, and viewers in the film, TV, music, and gaming […]

Everyone is drawn to the flashy lights and glamour of casinos and slot machines with the promise of a big payout. Is it enough, though? Sure, we all want the big jackpot, but if it’s not exciting and feels like work, I might as well just go back to my […]

Sword Art Online is one of the most notable and recognizable anime series of the past decade. Its immense popularity both in the US and Japan has sparked an endless fandom, countless merch, and even a handful of spin offs, both video games and anime. However, despite the popularity, SAO […]