Game-Breaking Glitches: When Games Ship Broken

Game Breaking Glitches

It’s not enough that a person pays for a game nowadays. We pay $60 or more, or less, and we should expect the game to work at release, correct? Well, sometimes things just don’t pan out the way one would expect, and you get a rushed product. Why can’t we just get what we pay […]

Is Mobile Gaming Our Future?!

Mobile Gaming

With the recent trends from developers and publishers, what does the future hold? Why must these primarily PC-based games come to smartphones and tablets? As gamers, what should we expect? The future of mobile gaming looks like it is in full swing, and continues to only grow from here. People have every right to be […]

Developer Remembered Through Shadow of War DLC

All Glory to Forthog! Just last year, Middle Earth: Shadow of War executive producer  Michael Forgey was lost his battle with cancer.  Warner Brother Games wants to help his surviving family in the wake of their loss.  He will be remembered and honored through Shadow of War DLC. For $5 USD, you will receive Forthog Orc-Slayer. […]