Heavy Rain Demo Is Out Now On PC

A free demo for the previously PS3 exclusive ‘Heavy Rain‘ is now available on the Epic Games Store. Heavy Rain had originally released on the PS3 during 2010, and it marked the first game that Quantic Dream had developed exclusively for PlayStation. But as of March of this year, Epic Games and Quantic Dream had formed a partnership Continue Reading

Detroit: Become Human Review

When I was a kid I remember the release of Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ. Not because I saw the film or was even curious about seeing it. I just recall the firestorm surrounding it. Despite the disclaimer that the film was not based on the Gospels but just Nikos Kazantzakis’ fictional account of the life of Christ, the release was plagued by massive protests.

Power Up Podcast Episode 6 – Detroit Become Human Controversy & Ubisoft Analysis

On this episode, the crew is joined by Chris as we talk about a wide variety of subjects, including controversies in games. Tune in every Saturday at 3pm PST @twitch.tv/cultureofgaming Follow us on Facebook at – www.facebook.com/COGdotnet/ Join our Facebook Forums – www.facebook.com/Culture-of-Gamin…180179249227660/ Follow us on Twitter – twitter.com/COGdotnet Join our Extra Life Continue Reading