Rare Anime DVDs: Is it worth the expense?

Rare Anime DVDs: Worth it?

Anime over the years continues to become a growing business, with many older titles still earning revenue. The many releases of countless anime DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and merchandise certainly show it. It can be easy to lose track, especially with some of the newest anime titles released. Most of the DVDs and Blu-rays won’t be […]

Culture of Gaming’s Best Fighters of 2018

Most of CoG’s GOTY content is already out and the best games of 2018 discussions are also winding down. Still, there are some games we have yet to talk about. In this GOTY article, we talk fighters! Here are Culture of Gaming’s Best Fighting Games of 2018! WINNER – SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE Surprising to […]

New Characters and Mode Details Revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

New details in the Japanese magazine Jump (as translated by Gematsu) reveals four new characters as well as some details about the story mode for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The most notable characters in Jump article were the blue-haired Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (or Super Saiyan Blue for short) versions of both Goku and Vegeta. At this […]