A partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo – is it plausible?

For a long time, console owners have argued the point of whose console is far more superior. It’s no secret some gamers have held a grudge for their rival consoles. But what if that wall was broken down, and cross-platform gameplay suddenly came in to the picture? Well that’s what Microsoft have been doing. By […]

Sea of Thieves Progression System Detailed

Sea of Thieves

During a livestream today, Rare detailed the progression system of the upcoming Microsoft exclusive game, Sea of Thieves. The developers also go into detail on how the system will work toward the game’s overall goal; playing with other players. Players will be able to build up their reputation through adventures which are given by the three […]

Fortnite Accidentally Enables Cross Platform Play


Since E3 this year, there has been an interest in cross-platform connectivity. This year, both Minecraft and Rocket League have opened themselves up to connecting between Xbox One, PC, Switch, and mobile; the lone holdout being the PlayStation 4. There have been other games over the years that allowed connection between platforms and PC, such as […]