It’s no secret that video games are altered based on the countries they are released in. However, some games are changed so much; they don’t even look or play the same as other versions. From censorship to character design to title changes, here’s a list of video games that have […]

Until May, these great Xbox One deals will have you revisiting some of your favorite titles. From Call of Duty to Dark Souls, you’ll be sure to find something that interests you. Note: All prices in this article are based on U.S. currency. Prices may vary by country. Activision/Blizzard Publisher […]

Crash Is Back… On Cell Phones Crash Bandicoot Mobile is an upcoming mobile game for iOS and Android. In a video posted earlier today at the time of this writing, we got a short look at what kind of game it is. Take a look at the video below and […]

While playing the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, I started thinking about elements of other games that would work well in Crash. Here’s my list of the top six games Crash Bandicoot could take inspiration from in future installments: Top Six Games the Next Crash Bandicoot Could Take Inspiration From 1. Spiderman Crash Bandicoot games […]

If you read my review then you already know. I had a lot of fun with Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled. And the truth is I’m still having fun with it. Due, in no small part, to the way it is actively keeping people engaged with a game that, 20 […]

If you’re anything like me, when you have free time, you find your self wondering, “What separates a successful kart racer from an unsuccessful one?” After banging my head against the wall for an hour, I brushed the plaster off my head with an answer: a strong identity. When making […]

It’s that time of the year again. Time to sit quietly and contemplate the year, and reflect on what you’ve done to make the world a better place. Either that, or get an embarrassing picture taken of you at the office Christmas party. (You know what you did.) In between […]

Activision’s Toys For Bob has tried to keep a tight lid on the Spyro Reignited Trilogy as of late. Even though E3 only occurred a handful of weeks ago, senior producer, Peter Kavic has stated that he’d “want to leave some surprises”. Well, after another leak of information, yet another […]

I have never played a Crash Bandicoot game until I tried out Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, a remaster that includes Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. Each game has at least 30 levels. However, while there is a fair amount of content and variety, each […]