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Xbox E3 2019 Predictions

If you would like to see John’s predictions for the Square Enix show, click HERE. If you would rather see this content in video form watch the video below and be sure to subscribe to Culture of Gaming on YouTube. All eyes...

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Jawbreakers: Lost Souls Review

Jawbreakers is a graphic novel that wasn’t supposed to be published. It wasn’t supposed to exist. At least that is what critics of Youtube ‘Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack’ star and comic book critic Richard C. Myer wanted.

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Shazam! Review

As a life-long comic book fan I never thought Shazam, the original Captain Marvel, was cool in any way. Originally, he was portrayed as a dopey version of Superman and like Supes even his entire family became cheap knock-offs.

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Crackdown #1 Review

Pictures speak a thousand words especially in comics and that is exactly why Dynamite’s new Crackdown series fails to impart the feeling and energy that it should.

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