Early Access: Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Early Access Last-Minute Gifts

People might say to never play games in early access, but that’s far from the truth. Though with certain early access games, it’s easy to see why people may think that. For example, early access games may end up being dropped during development, or straight up broken after full release. After the pirate-themed MMO Atlas left […]

Holiday Gaming for the Whole Family

Christmas is almost here, which means it’s time to spend some time with the family and relax with our friends. What better way to celebrate, than making some memories with the hottest party games of the year? Need help figuring out what to bring to Grandma’s? Look no further than this rundown of everything you’ll […]

Christmas Movie Sequels: Daddy’s Home 2

Christmas Movie Sequels: Daddy's Home 2

With the returning talent of Will Ferrell and Mark Walhberg from the original Daddy’s Home, it stands to reason the sequel should be nothing short of amazing. Am I right? Well, when you take a step back and actually begin to watch the movie, you see what it really is. There are liberties not taken, […]

Winter Wonderland is Lackluster, Overwatch is Failing at Seasonal Events

winter wonderland

Michael Solseth recently made an article about the issues facing Overwatch. In the article, which you can find HERE, he purposely stayed away from talking about events, Winter Wonderland in particular. I am going to take this chance to talk about not just the Christmas event, but how Blizzard is dropping the ball with almost all […]