Guilty Gear: Strive – Beta Thoughts and Feedback The window for the Guilty Gear:Strive beta is now closed and it is time to collect our thoughts and provide some good feedback to Arc System Works. The beta was limited with what you could do, but it was more than enough to […]

Watching anime is an investment of both time and emotions. But most of the popular series out there would require months of non-stop watching in order to either get to the climax or actually finish it. However, if you are looking for a “quick” watch without having to spend half […]

Sony is rumoured to buy some significant Konami properties. These include Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and Silent Hill. The company apparently want to increase their output in the realm of Japanese games. A Eurogamer article in January talked of Konami bringing back Silent Hill via two titles. A Konami spokesperson told Eurogamer: “We cannot share anything at this point, […]

There’s no denying that Nintendo killed it at E3 this year. Compared to a couple years ago, when they only showed Breath of the Wild, they had quite the display this year. One couldn’t possibly ask for more. Or could they? For every Luigi’s Mansion 3 or No More Heroes […]

Konami used to be one of the apex developers of the gaming world. Silent Hill is still a beloved series, though now dead. Metal Gear Solid was the pinnacle of video game storytelling, but they booted its creator, Hideo Kojima, from the company. Castlevania has been haunting consoles since the […]

Castlevania has seen better years. The last one hasn’t released for five years, and it was received with generally negative reviews. Since developer Konami strayed away from traditional game development, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any new Castlevania games soon – but don’t lose all hope. At the very least, […]