Dead Rising 4 came out last year around Christmas time and it underperformed by Capcom estimates. Even though it’s not clear how many copies it sold on Xbox One and PC, the estimated sales projection was to sell 2 million units by March 2017. Capcom is also aware of about […]

Go Tell Aunt Rhody… If you were one of those that waited to pick up Resident Evil 7 this year, you may want to wait just a little bit longer. Capcom announced Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition.   Gold Edition is like other “Game of the Year”-esque editions that include the base […]

Microsoft’s once-exclusive series Dead Rising is once again coming to PlayStation 4 as Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package. Capcom is releasing a complete version of Dead Rising 4. It contains all of the downloadable content previously released on the Xbox One version of the game as well as the all-new Capcom Heroes mode. […]

Gaming is always moving forward. When Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, all release their latest and greatest systems there’s an emphasis on enhanced performance, better graphics, and the technology of the future. The Nintendo Entertainment System, which is credited with reviving the home gaming market in the early 1980’s, was released […]