Console players playing Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale are electing to disable cross-play functions to avoid cheaters on PC. Warzone surprised players when it launched last month with full cross-play support across all platforms. They even managed to wrangle the notoriously reluctant Sony to include cross-play functionality. However, it […]

Modern Warfare‘ s Survival Mode will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive for one entire year. When Modern Warfare launches in October only PlayStation 4 players will be able to play Survival Mode. PC and Xbox players will have to wait until October 2020. Survival is a mode that appeared already […]

Spoilers for Far Cry and Call of Duty franchises ahead! Two gaming franchises that have always been very close to my heart are Call of Duty and Far Cry. I grew up with these games and have always had somewhat of an affectionate disdain towards them. I know they’re bad⁠ — […]