An Interview with Gamechamp3000, the Crazy Mind Behind VG Myths


Video games are challenging; you don’t need us to tell you that. Whether you’re avoiding Sans’ attacks in Undertale, clearing Ornstein and Smough in Dark Souls, or platforming to the end of the Grandmaster Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2, it can be extremely difficult to overcome the hurdles that game developers throw at you. […]

The Art of Video Game Swordplay

There’s something intrinsically satisfying about a good video game combat system. The way that punches or swings connect in grandiose, colorful animations; the satisfying *crunch* of a perfectly-timed hit. Whether you’re beating down CPU’s in the grimy streets of Double Dragon or taking on real players in a match of Mortal Kombat, digital expressions of close-quarters […]

Nintendo Icons: Where My Story Ended.

Nintendo Icon: Where My Story Ended.

Some of the most renown Nintendo icons happen to be Mario and Link. We enjoy the stories they tell, the adventures they bring us on, plus the worlds that can be explored. It’s not necessarily that my story has ended, as it could just be on a short hiatus. However, there was a noticeable drop […]

Half-life and Ocarina of Time, 20 Years Later

Half-life Ocarina of Time

November 1998 – one of the most important months in the video game industry. It was on this month, 20 years ago, that two massively influential video games graced the earth. They were entirely different games – separated by genre, thematic tone, and even the PC/console gap – but in an eerily similar way, they […]

Opinion: Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Never Be As Real As Rockstar Wants it to be

Since the dawn of the video game medium, game developers have constantly striven for realism. We aim for better graphics, immersive worlds, grounded story-arcs, and believable characters. These are the staples of a modern triple-A video game, whether you’re on board or not. As developers push boundaries, we’re treated with expansive games that blur the […]

Top Five Surprisingly Terrifying Game Worlds To Live In

This week, we at Culture of Gaming are hard at work putting together the list of Top 25 Best Platformers. Such a massive site-wide undertaking leaves one immersed in video games and their worlds. Which got me thinking, “which game world would I actually like to live in, if given the choice?” Then I think, […]

5 Reasons Why We Love RPGs

Role-playing games (otherwise known as RPGs) have been around since the early days of video games. From classic turn-based games like Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana to modern action-based ones such as Kingdom Hearts and Xenoblade Chronicles, the RPG genre has managed to win the hearts of gamers for generations. But why exactly do […]

How To Save Nintendo (Besides Nostalgia)

When the original NES Classic sold out in stores everywhere, Nintendo seemed almost caught off guard with how much success it garnered. They had no plans on releasing any more of the mini NES consoles. They would not make the same mistake again. The following year they released a similar device that contained 22 Super […]