Spotlight: Voice Acting and James Mathis III Interview

Hello folks! I recently went to Long Beach Comic Expo 2019 on behalf of and I managed to meet a ton of interesting people and attended some panels. This was my first time ever attending and covering a comic book convention. It was filled with various writers, artists, and tons of sellers on the show […]

5 Marvel Heroes Who Deserve the “Spider-Man Treatment”

Marvel Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man has taken the world by storm in the short time since its release. Insomniac Games managed to take a popular superhero character and forge their own unique story set in a huge open-world game. With fluid game mechanics, fast-paced combat, and hefty content, it’s no wonder why this game has received high praise […]

Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Lack of Representation

Eurogamer reviewed Kingdom Come: Deliverance with vigorous attention. The review demanded appreciation. However, toward the last few paragraphs, Robert Purchese discussed how the game failed to represent women and people of color properly. Purchese attempted to explain how women were treated poorly in the game. Kingdom Come: Deliverance features role-playing attributes which entice a player […]

MvC:I Footage of Sigma and Black Panther in Action


Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite released a brand new trailer showing both Black Panther and Sigma in action. Both characters are promptly introduced in the story mode and their models already exist in the game albeit unfinished as fighters. Black Panther is a quick, rushdown fighter that makes use of his cat-like attacks and abilities. While […]