Dating sites provide a convenient platform for singles to connect. It can be easy to meet someone compatible, and websites have in-built algorithms to help you find appropriate matches. The next question to ask is what to do when the time comes for your first get-together. Since gaming is way […]

Incoming Transmission…Code Black DC Fandome has revealed a trailer for their upcoming game called Gotham Knights. Developed by Warner Brothers Games Montreal. The trailer begins with an incoming transmission: Code Black. The message received is of Bruce Wayne/Batman leaving his final words and orders to his former and present sidekicks: […]

The Batman: Arkham Series developers Rocksteady Studios and their publisher WB Games Montréal were rumoured to be working on a Superman game for a long time. Just last year concept art and ideas for a Superman project were making the rounds. Now an ex-Wb Montréal employee has gained attention for including some concept art that contains Superman in […]

There was a point in time in which licensed games were, I don’t want to say terrible, but not on the same quality as other AAA games. Publishers made licensed games on a limited budget and time frame knowing there is a built-in fanbase who will buy it. Even Kotaku’s […]

There is no doubt you have had a run-in with a bad game. It’s a simple fact of gaming life, considering how titles have shipped to various parts of the globe. Perhaps you’ve only come across titles with minor annoyances. Or maybe you’ve encountered a title you couldn’t stand picking […]

A few days ago on Twitter, WB Games Montreal released a small teaser on Batman Day with various symbols. For those who don’t know, WB Games Montreal are the developers of Batman: Arkham Origins & Arkham Knight’s DLCs. While Arkham Origins is usually regarded as the black sheep, fans admire […]

Rocksteady has recently announced a physical release for The Batman Arkham Collection. The collection will include 3 of the 4 games in the series. Batman Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight. This is the second bundle of Arkham games that Rocksteady have released this generation, that doesn’t include Arkham Origins. Although Arkham Origins has received the […]

Sad news for those who were expecting a new Batman Arkham game reveal at E3 this year. Rocksteady have been rumored to be developing the next sequel for the Arkham series for quite some time now. Ever since Batman Arkham Knight‘s release back in 2015, Rocksteady have been confirmed to be working on something new. This comes from multiple job listings on […]

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