One of my earliest memories is my Amiga and the games that came on a floppy disk. I remember trying my hardest to get all the kittens in Wizkid and the golden keys in Gods, often failing miserably. Games back then were fun and carefree – no loot boxes, skins or any other […]

We will discuss the first horror games to grace our home consoles. Games such as Haunted House on both the Magnavox Odyssey and Atari 2600, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1982). We begin to delve into what has come from this. With horror games being popular for streamers since Five […]

Taylor, Anthony, and Andrew are rejoined by Aidan, as they talk about Atari’s new console, GPU prices, Switch Ports, Cyberpunk 2077, and many more things. Tune in every Saturday 3pm PST @ Follow us on Facebook at – Join our Facebook Forums –…180179249227660/ Follow us on Twitter […]

I love video games. No matter what activity you can think of, there’s a game for it. Everything from the life of an archeologist to scoring a touchdown on the football field is fair game. One activity that’s been omnipotent in video games since arcades became a thing is racing. […]


Video games are a visual medium. From print ads to game trailers, developers and publishers generally have to sell a game based on how it looks. Over the last four decades of the home gaming industry, game graphics have come a long way. Looking at the evolution of game graphics […]

This week in video game history … Simon Belmont’s whip gets an upgrade, a double feature from Atari who this  week kicked off the arcade and launched their most successful machine while the first handheld video game console is released by the makers of Connect Four, Super Castlevania IV (1991) […]

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