Claw Machines Players = Gamers? The skill involved.

Claw machines can be an addictive, filling an ever-growing need to try to beat it. However, it’s often the case that it might beat you. People spend cash and coin on these in hopes it turns over a win, or in other words, the prize. People constantly using the machine will either increase or decrease […]

Solbot: Energy Rush Review!

Remember those old space shooter arcade games like Xenon 2: Megablast or Space Invaders? Unravel those memories of endless enemy projectiles and chaotic explosions, but instead re-imagine them in a new light. A light where you aren’t drilling foes with spaceship missiles, but are determinedly sifting through space on a noble mission to restore renewable […]

Solaroids: Prologue Review

I have never experienced the game Asteroids. I’ve only ever heard of it in retro videos and articles. But Solaroids: Prologue is a game that takes the vision of the classic arcade shooter and remakes it to modern standards. Asteroids When I first heard that Solaroids was a redone vision of Asteroids, naturally I had to research its predecessor. […]

From Game to Film: Mortal Kombat

Despite not always having the best reputation for quality, Hollywood loves making video game films.  Hollywood’s infatuation with video game movies began with 1993’s Super Mario Bros. starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo and also served as the opening of Pandora’s box. Since then, movies have been made that have been inspired by everything from […]

This Week In Video Game History (Oct 30-Nov 5)

This week in video game history … Simon Belmont’s whip gets an upgrade, a double feature from Atari who this  week kicked off the arcade and launched their most successful machine while the first handheld video game console is released by the makers of Connect Four, Super Castlevania IV (1991) 26 years ago this week, […]