Last week we all came seven days closer to death. Yet, we can find solace in the fact that we are one week close to Sakurai‚Äôs masterpiece. We are but eight weeks away from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Stay strong my friends. You will be rewarded in the next life […]

What are you doing to us, Sakurai? I can understand appeasing the Daisy fans, but even the puppy dog waifu Smash Bros. fans get their wishes granted? I thought you were merciful! Apologies, I could never understand the supreme power of you, Sakurai. Forgive my mortal insolence. Isabelle will make […]


This Week in Video Game History … Gamecubers happen to cross some animals, the Heartless attack, a classic Konami shooter and some Princess gets ‘napped by some giant turtle guy… 15 years ago this week, the Animal Crossing series launched in North America for Nintendo Gamecube and would go on […]