Xbox Live Coming to iOS, Android, and Switch

Xbox Live

According to a conference schedule for this year’s GDC (Game Developer’s Conference), Microsoft is planning to expand their Xbox Live userbase from 400 million gaming devices to nearly 2 billion. Yowza! How can they get this many users on board their service? Through a new cross-platform plan, Microsoft wants to integrate Xbox Live into everything […]

Gaming Culture Adversity For Mobile Gaming Fans

The expression “gamer” describes many different cliques in different cultures. In today’s world, we mostly associate the saying with a person who is a fan of playing video games. Many in the gaming community have adopted the term, most wearing it as a title of honor. While this badge of honor is primarily used to […]

Where Should Nintendo Take Their Smartphone Games


When Nintendo announced that they were going to begin making games for smartphones and tablets, I was shocked. Over the years, Nintendo had been a company that lived for doing things their way. Their consoles have never been the most powerful on the market, but they’ve always provided unique experiences. After the announcement, many thought […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 3: More Than a Feeling Review

Release Date: August 22, 2017 Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mobile Publisher: Telltale Games Developer: Telltale Games ESRB Rating: T for Teen (Language, Use of Alcohol, Violence) MSRP: $19.99 for all episodes, $4.99 individually I thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes of Telltale Games’ iteration of Guardians of the Galaxy. They took ownership of […]