It’s not that I think you’re dumb, per se. That’s not why I’m writing this review on a brain-boosting supplement that I think you should take right now to help you think better thoughts. I’m not saying you’re bad at thinking …per se. And, in fact, I’m not entirely sure […]

The latest Nintendo Direct showed us a plethora of details about Super Mario Maker 2. The 17-minute gameplay showcase revealed a new story mode, multiplayer functionality, new objects, enemies, themes, global courses, and more. SMM2 Enemies Goombas The Angry Sun Banzai Bill Red Banzai Bill Bowser Cat Bowser Piranha Plants […]

The Metal Gear Solid series is a well-loved series for a reason. Every entry has defied expectations in multiple different ways. Metal Gear Solid was one of the first games to have a true “cinematic” story. MGS 2 had a postmodern story that broke the fourth wall in multiple ways. […]