Yes, you’re reading this correctly. Nintendo, after a six month drought, have dropped a Nintendo Direct Mini on their Youtube Channel. There’s a lot to unpack in this 28 minute Nintendo Direct, so let’s dive in! What’s Been Revealed in the Nintendo Direct? Nintendo have announced a relationship with 2K. They reveal that Bioshock: […]

A new entry in 2K’s Mafia series could be announced in the coming months. Hangar 13, developers of Mafia 3, are set to announce their next project heavily rumoured to be Mafia 4. Hangar 13’s parent company 2K is set to go public with two upcoming projects. One from 2K […]

With the next generation of consoles coming at the end of next year, it becomes necessary to debunk common myths leading up to these consoles’ releases. Whether it’s due to a technical misunderstanding by the press, or overly zealous marketing departments, next-gen console myths come about every generation before release. […]

Culture of Gaming went hands-on with Borderlands 3 at E3 2019. The team was treated to a roughly 20-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute demo. So what are the takeaways? Does Borderlands 3 live up to the legendary status that the previous games have achieved? Here are my thoughts below. […]

Dead Space is one of the most underappreciated franchises of its time. As a gruesome survival horror game, it is admittedly a part of a niche in the gaming world. And even its succumbing to the Resident Evil Syndrome didn’t manage to save the franchise. RES is a path that a […]

The video game industry is constantly changing. One of the rising stars is the Games as a service model. GaaS games are a “live” service that utilize multiple expansion passes, and consistent support. It allows the game to survive for a lot longer than a normal games lifespan, while also […]