Nintendo 2017 VS. 2019: Which Will Win?

Nintendo has had some amazing success as of late, and while 2018 showed brought the likes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s hard to argue the stellar year that was 2017. These 12 months not only introduced the greatest console in Nintendo history, the Nintendo Switch, but also brought games that would change industry. However, 2017 may […]

Top Ten Games Turning Ten

Looking back at 2009, it was a pretty great year for video game fans. Arguably the largest game of the modern gaming era released, along with several instant classics, all of which are held in high esteem to this day. But what games are the best of the best out of your newly ten year […]

3DS Doesn’t Hurt Nintendo Switch

With E3 fast approaching, the internet is a buzz of what new games will be announced. What it seems most fans do not care about is the fate of Nintendo’s handheld system, the Nintendo 3DS. The fans that do care, only seem to feel a sense of scarcity. They believe that if Nintendo keeps making […]