Winner – Celeste Celeste is one of the most fascinating indie games in years, telling a compelling narrative through simple 16-bit graphics. But if Celeste’s beautiful portrayal of mental illness and depression isn’t enough to sell you on the game, you should know that mechanically, it’s one of the best […]

We here at Culture of Gaming have played many role-playing games over the course of 2018. Some were good, some were great, and others were absolutely fabulous. But only a handful could make it into our GOTY selections, and after careful deliberation, we have chosen our top three RPGs of […]

Overwatch is one of my favorite games of all time. The characters are all endearing, the gameplay is fun, and the lore always has me asking Blizzard for more. That being said, Blizzard needs to make additions and changes to make it a better experience. These are the things Overwatch […]

The Tokyo Games Show 2018 continues as Capcom hit the show floor with many games for attendees to play and a couple trailers to boot. Some games which have already hit store shelves. And two trailers with reveals. Watch the whole thing here, if you wish, but here are the […]

The first half of 2018 has delivered some spectacular games. Though we still have about five months remaining in the year, it seems safe to say that some potential Game of the Year contenders have already surfaced. From big-budget titles to small indie projects, 2018 has given birth to some […]

The 2018 chapter of E3 has come to a close, and we’ve turned our attention to the back half of the year, with a new wealth of information about some of the most highly anticipated upcoming games. The first 6 months have brought us plenty of standouts, with early GOTY […]

Now that the ball has dropped on the year of the LootBox 2017, it’s time to usher in the year of Gaming 2018 with a look at a few of the big sequels to release in the New Year.   1: Red Dead Redemption 2 This is considered by many […]

All things considered, this year has been a rather prominent and strong fiscal cycle for video games and gadgets. With the release of consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X in addition to tons of AAA & indie games, 2017 will be remembered as a notably active […]