In an unexpected press release sent out by Taco Bell, LLC. this morning, the fast food giant announced their intent to become the next major company to enter the video game streaming space. So far Google, Microsoft, and Walmart (according to a US Gamer report) are just a few of the big names jumping into the race for consumer’s instant game subscription dollars.

The information in the press release from Taco Bell is comparatively detailed when looking at what has been revealed by their streaming competitors. The official name of the service is Taco Bell Beef Streams, and will be fully accessible on mobile devices (iOS and Android), select smart TVs, PC, and PS4 later this year. Taco Bell CEO, Alex Bell, thanked their partners and urged gamers to, “Think outside the console box and Game Más!”


As they described it, “At $15 per month the Beef Streams subscription will run you fewer than 15 hard shell tacos.” There’s also an annual option that will be $99 at launch. Both options give you full access to all games on the service. Along with the games you also get free priority delivery on every item on Taco Bell’s menu. Their premium streaming option—Beef Streams Supremes—comes in at $25 per month or $150 annually.

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The Controller

They also revealed the $50 Beef Controller Supreme which has a fully grease-proof coating and comes in three spicy colors: Mild, Fire, and Verde. The design of the controller is your typical gamepad, (similar to Xbox) but with a sauce dispenser built into the back of the controller. Taco Bell says that, “…the weight of the sauce gives our Beef Controller Supreme the premium feel you expect from Taco Bell products.”

The Games

In a stunning announcement, it appears that Ubisoft is fully behind Beef Streams. After pledging support for Google’s Satdia at GDC, the French games company will also have close ties with Beef Streams. Yves Guillemot was in deep conversations with French president, Emmanuel Macron, about getting a Taco Bell across the street from Ubisoft headquarters in Montreuil, France. “During E3 I had their nacho fries and my soul has felt empty without them in my life,” Guillemot lamented. The head of Ubisoft saw this as an opening to convince Macron to approve the building of a Taco Bell in Montreuil. Thanks to Guillemot’s addiction to the esteemed eating establishment, every Ubisoft game—past, present, and future—will be available on Beef Streams.

Also, thanks to Pepsico’s past ties with Taco Bell, subscribers of the service will get access to the Beef Streams exclusive title: Pepsiman: Battle Royale: How Many Colons Can We Fit Into This Title: More Than Have Survived Taco Bell Food. So far only the New York City and San Francisco maps have been revealed, but Taco Bell promises there will be at least five at launch.


The standard Beef Streams service will support 1080p visuals at 60 fps while Beef Streams Supremes will support 4K visuals also at 60 fps. Taco Bell announced that they’ll have a livestream to show off Beef Streams in action on The livestream is scheduled to take place during “4th meal” tomorrow at 3 AM. The beginning of the livestream will also feature the Beef Streams announcement trailer titled: “I stream beef, do you?”


As of right now, Beef Streams is limited to any 20 mile radius surrounding a Taco Bell restaurant (excluding Taco Bell Cantina locations). That’s because each one of Taco Bell’s 7000+ restaurants around the world will be getting Beef Streams servers installed “soon”. No release date is yet confirmed, but the window of later 2019 means we’ll be streaming the beef some time within the next eight months.


What do you think about Taco Bell joining the game streaming space? Do you think it’s complete nonsense? Well, you would be completely right. Every quote in here—and sadly, Beef Streams—is a work of fiction. Happy April Fools Day! I hope you puked a little bit every time you read the words “Beef Streams” (and another time just now). Thank you Andrew Duron for the disgusting name of the streaming service and Mike Nigrelli for the commercial idea.

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