Tabletop games have always been a staple in the gaming community, but with technology advancing, its hard not to ask if table top games will slowly be left in the dust. Last week I had the opportunity to attend Briscon, a convention for tabletop games. It’s home to many competitions, demonstrations, and retail companies. I was pleased to have the opportunity to conduct an interview with The Combat Company.

The Combat Company is one of the biggest tabletop game retailers in Australia. Starting in 2004, its success continues to grow to this day. Here is the Culture of Gaming’s interview with Xavier from The Combat Company.


COG: So to start things off, what exactly are tabletop and board games? And are there differences between the two?


TCC: Well, table top games include a category, board games, war-games, RPGs. Our focus as a company is on war-games using miniatures.


COG: How does The Combat Company fit into this? What does The Combat Company provide exactly?


TCC: We provide a higher range of miniatures, from the likes of Privateer Press, Infinity, D2C/DFC, Knight models, and much more.


COG: Are there any future projects you are allowed to tell us about?


TCC: Can’t say much yet, but there may be some updates and additions to our Modifx, bags, and tool wires.


COG: In your opinion, how do board games and table top games hold up in today’s gaming community?


TCC: Personally I think they are as popular as ever. With the selection that is available out there, there is so much to choose from. From all games, whatever your taste may be, there is bound to be a game for everyone.


COG: So what are the positives and negatives of these types of games?


TCC: There are definitely positives. You have a great time when you’re painting or playing a game with your mates, and other people at events etc. And I feel the community is a great one. But in terms of negatives, not really. Except maybe buying to many minis and not knowing what to do with them. Ha, Ha. Overall, I think the scene is good.


COG: Do you think there’s a specific reason why tabletop and board games are still around? Any secret formulas maybe?


TCC: Choice. I think not only because it’s a great way to bring like-minded individuals together, it’s the abundance of games and ranges that are available. Who would have thought there would be so much choice now all those years ago? As for a secret formula? Well if there was one, I think we would keep that one a secret. But ultimately, the community is the ‘secret’. These are the people who keep the flame alive.


COG: How do you think tabletop and board games will hold up in the future?


TCC: They should do pretty well. Again so many people collect and play these games. So as long as people like it, it will always be around.


COG: Any particular tabletop or boardgames that should be looked out for this year?


TCC: There are a few. Some great kickstarters around right now. Mantic Game’s Hellboy is a good one. Infinity just released the new TSA box set, which is awesome. Privateer are releasing new goodies every month, and so are Malifaux. Too much to name. But keep an eye out on our facebook for updates.


COG: Lastly, for aspiring players or brand new players, do you have any recommendations or must play games?


TCC: Personally I would start with something like Malifaux or any kind of skirmish game. But that’s just what I think. I don’t think there is any game that you should ‘start on’. Just pick something you like. If you don’t find you like it, there are thousands more to try. Or even see what your mates are playing and join in that game. Gaming with mates is always a fun experience.

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