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Games have always been a group activity to most people, something you do with your friends when you have some free time and fancy playing around. But sometimes you don’t have your friends around and you have to resort to a single-player game – something that video games, in particular, have excelled at. Maybe those games hold a greater appeal to you but you’d still like to feel that communal involvement, that sense of competition that goes with playing a game well.

Then you’re in luck! There are actually a few different games you can play competitively that you might not have initially thought of. Here are three of them!

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Retro Video Games

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Retro gaming is a big deal nowadays, old-time consoles like the NES and SNES are seeing re-releases for the retro enthusiasts and there are tons of people developing modern games as a homage to the medium’s earliest stages. While there are classics like Street Fighter II and Mario Kart that let you have 2 players going at once, the vast majority of classic games such as The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy are single player only affairs. But if you really want to play one of these classic games competitively, all you have to do is find the speed-runner scene.

Speed-runners are players who will take a single player game and try to beat it as fast as possible. If speed isn’t your thing, there are plenty of challenge runs for various popular games that, while single player, can add a level of difficulty and skill to your favourite game so you can prove that you really are the best.


This will be either a massive surprise or a complete no-brainer. A surprise to many because Solitaire is, by its very definition, a single player game. Something you do by yourself when you have a deck of cards and some free time or a copy of Windows on your computer. Which is actually where the multiplayer angle comes in because solitaire tournaments are a thing. Whether it’s celebrating 25 years of it being installed on computers as standard or through a new app, it is in fact very possible to play competitively one of the only games solely designed to not be played competitively.

Casino Games

This one might seem a little off too, just because there are quite a few games that need someone else to play with you (Craps needs at least one person to be the Shooter and Poker doesn’t really work unless you’re playing the casino version somehow) but did you know you can even play games that are usually seen as a single player experience?

You can do tournaments with games like blackjack, roulette and even slots at sites like where games that are usually played alone can be played competitively against others. Slot tournaments are particularly popular with gamblers testing their luck against each other and spinning the reels as fast as possible to hit the big pay-line!

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