Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Theories — Part 2

It is hard to believe that almost a year ago, we took a look at all the random conspiracy theories leading up to the release of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Back then, we got to look over things like the color of chairs, having a song disqualifying a newcomer slot, and “The Box” to name a few. Looking back on it, just about every single one of those theories got effectively shot down except for the painfully obvious ones like how there were only two characters left at the time (Incineroar and Ken).

You will believe a Box can cause people to lose their minds.

Let’s just be glad the Grinch was effectively shot down too… Still, if there is one thing that can be said about the Smash Conspiracy Theory Game, it is how the game never really ends when the game comes out. In fact, it has only escalated even higher.

If you were to tell the world that Joker from Persona 5, The Hero from the Dragon Quest games and even Banjo And Kazooie, you likely would be called out as a complete lunatic. And yet, here we are! You’ll never see it coming as the Bear and Bird finally come home and some Dragon Quest-related pun this writer can’t come up off the top of his head! We still have two more characters to join Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and the internet has run rapid with brand new theories of who could be next. As such, it is time for this writer to put on a giant blue coat, put on the mask, and throw even more random pictures onto the conspiracy board and figure out if there’s a possible connection!

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Painting by Colors

So for those of you who want to know why a multi-color Elmo was in the feature image, let’s paint ourselves a picture.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
Source: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Website

This is by far the most believable theory since when you give it some thought, it actually makes a whole lot of sense. If you check out the Smash website right now, every fighter in the game is affiliated with a color. There’s too many to list off, so let’s focus just the DLC fighters. The Piranha Plant is green (because plant), Joker is red (same primary color as in Persona 5), The Hero is purple as Dragon Quest XI protagonist’s attire: Luminary, and finally, Banjo & Kazooie are yellow for the Golden Jiggy Piece.

Now there’s a chance we will see a different color affiliated with the last two, but there’s no denying the colors we have so far (Green, Red, Purple, and Yellow) and what could be left. Now it could go either way and the next two colors probably could be Black and Blue for all we know. Still, the obvious choices would likely be Orange and Blue. From here, you can imagine a wide variety of characters that uses those color templates.

Previously, we speculated on how the door could be wide open for someone like Crash Bandicoot, and this theory could help back up his chances since he is orange. Then again, someone could use this same argument to say “Q*Bert for Smash!” or demand Ulala from Space Channel 5 or even Tails… or even…

Image result for bubsy
Source: Bubsy. He is Orange after all-

NO! We aren’t going there! Let’s just say if a character has a connection to the colors orange or blue, their chances mind be higher than you think and move on.

Let me tell you about my best friend!

Coming in at a close second is a theory that could be a pure coincidence or a hint of possible things to come. If you were to ask the biggest video game fanboy that had ever existed to make a connection between the Pirhana Plant, Joker, The Dragon Quest Hero, and Banjo, that person likely would give up as there is really nothing. You have four completely random characters from four different backgrounds; how do you connect them all? If you want to know the answer to this question, look no further than the Smash Ultimate Banner. With each new DLC fighter, the banner itself does expand out further and further to welcome them into the fold. But when you look at all four DLC characters, you suddenly realize something: None of the four came alone.

  • Joker arrives on the scene with fellow Phantom Thief, Morgana.
  • The hero is accompanied by a Slime.
  • Banjo, of course, has Kazooie.
  • And even we wanted to take the Piranha Plant into the equation, you do see that it is watering a Pikmin.

Ok, the Piranha Plant is a stretch, but even if we took it out, that still leaves three men with three partners. So perhaps this might mean our final two might have someone accompany them too. In this circumstance, there are a wide variety of characters we can consider, and yet many wouldn’t hesitate to once again point to Crash Bandicoot as Aku Aku could be Crash’s Wingman, but we could come up with any random combination like Heihachi and Kuma from Tekken. Either way, it is very much possible that our final two will bring two others along for the ride.

Reveal Trailers: To Be Continued?

Many people will not hesitate to point out how Banjo’s reveal trailer was a near 1:1 of King K. Rool’s reveal. As nice of a reunion it was to see, some on the internet came to a realization that this could be a hint of how the other two characters may get revealed. During The Hero’s reveal trailer, we got to see Galeem (the giant dark eyeball with tentacles) and how Link is fighting off a few dark characters. While this might seem like a continuation there, some were able to make a connection to how this was almost like a continuation of The World of Light Opening.

It sounds weird, and yet it could seem like speculators could be onto something. Not to say that Sakurai and his team would reuse the same trailer for the final two characters, but suppose the following. What if at the moment Luigi reenters his body and comes under attack by something else in Dracula’s Castle and right as he is about to die (again… Sakurai was pretty dark last year…), our next DLC character comes in to save Luigi. Or how about after Incineroar finishes taking out Bowser Jr, Villager, and K. Rool and while it is celebrating, our next DLC character jumps into the ring and tosses them into the screen like Little Mac and Ken?

And you know that if we get a space character as DLC, they would be happy to join Samus in fighting Ridley. For all the people that still think the Doomslayer can still get into Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, you know they would be hyped as heck to see Doom’s poster boy go up against one of the most twisted characters in Nintendo’s history. We’ll have to wait and see what happens there.

A Female Fighter Coming Soon?

Whether if it was through a lucky guess, or looking at the data-mining, some don’t have to try too hard to make the internet believe every word they say. While some alleged leakers got some leverage after E3 for their first three guesses, it can be hard to take them at their word when they suddenly say “Doomslayer and Ninja Gaiden!” or “Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Metroid Prime 4!” or even “Undertale and Waluigi!”

They can get rather silly and unbelievable, but there are plenty of speculators who think this could actually happen. However, one of these speculators going by the name “Milk Bosatu” had a post back in October that not only got the Dragon Quest Heroes (without females) correct but also the fact of how we were going to get “Switch VR.” A completely random thing to speculate on, and yet it wasn’t until some time later we did get Labo VR.

So for what many are calling the “Milk Leak” our friend from Japan got back on Twitter a few weeks ago and posted another tweet about the next character. Now this one we would need to take with a grain of salt considering the things mentioned are really vague. Supposedly, the next character was described to be “Looking like a fight game character” and has “a Flying Weapon.”

Now, this makes absolutely no sense although some have thrown out their guesses as who this character could be. Some have thrown out guesses like Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Colette from Tales of Symphonia or even Neir Automata’s 2B. But who do you think fits these criteria? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. All I know is that after Bayonetta, we may not want to take anything off the table quite yet.


Now there are plenty of other theories we could cover here, but some of them could stretch from one random extreme to the next. For now, let’s limit ourselves to a small handful; Who knows if these theories will end up like the other theories and get debunk in a minute long reveal trailer. We got plenty to look forward to as The Hero from Dragon Quest could be coming sooner than we realize while Banjo’s time shouldn’t be too far away either. From there, who knows what will be coming down the pipe (although you can expect many people to throw out names like Lloyd Irving, Crash Bandicoot and so forth as the year continues forward). Even some people think Shantae is next in line just because her window was the Smash logo (even though that window has always been like that).

We got plenty of things to look forward to with Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and it’s fair to say that we are far from done. For all we know, Nintendo will realize that supporting Smash for the foreseeable future could be rather profitable and we could have a second fighter’s pass on the way. Even some thinking that after the big deal Nintendo made about “Echo Fighters” and how weird it was to just have just a few new characters when there’s still plenty of potential for new Echos. For the time being, let’s hope the hype train for Smash continues to chug forward.

So What Do You Think?

Which Smash conspiracy theory do you think is the most plausible? Is there one you’ve heard that has caught your attention? And who will the final two characters in the Fighter’s pass be? Be sure to leave your comments and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more editorials on Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and all things in the gaming world.

Before we wrap this up, I wanted to give a quick shout out to YouTuber PapaGenos. If you want to know more of the fun conspiracies surrounding the game, he did post a video talking about the various leaks, rumors, and theories after E3 came to an end. If you want to hear more, be sure to check out his video.

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