Last week we were anticipating a Nintendo Direct. The internet was running wild with speculation on what games would be revealed and who will be added to Smash Bros. Ultimate. As you likely already know the Direct was delayed due to an earthquake in the Hokkaido region of Japan — a large island in the Northern Japan.

Instead of my typical comedic intro I just wanted to take this time to urge you to find a way to donate to the relief efforts following this disaster. I don’t have much when it comes to disposable income, but I will find some wiggle room. I don’t mean to shame anyone, but if you feel that you can do something to help even a bundle of small donations can make a positive difference. Follow this link to the English donation page for the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Now lets take a look at the week that was.

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9/3: King Dedede Smashes Bros. Into Oblivion!

No dude has ever been bad enough to impersonate King K. Rool until King Dedede. Not even president-rescuing dudes are bad enough to match Dedede’s stature.

Like many other characters in Ultimate, Dedede’s Final Smash has been reworked to be faster and more impactful. Masked Dedede makes an appearance during his new Final Smash. Landing the first blow now initiates a cutscene where the boisterous masked king unleashes a furious swarm of missiles. He follows that up with a full-force swing of his rocket-powered hammer. It’s no Mjölnir, but it still packs a vicious punch. The icing on the cake is the whole thing taking place in a wrestling ring surrounded by a steel cage.


9/4: Fortress Boss isn’t as Good in this Version of Smash Bros.!

Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of my favorite games of all time and the soundtrack is an unforgettable mix of perfection. The Fortress Boss theme hardly needs a Smash Bros. remix since its up-tempo beat naturally gets your blood pumping.

I like this remix, but I feel spoiled by the version we got in Smash Bros. for Wii U. There was heavy use of traditional flamenco instrumentals and melodies. The genre is synonymous with a high tempo, impassioned musical sound, and striking syncopation. I just hope they bring back that version too.

Despite my bias for the remix from Smash Bros. for Wii U, I could still listen to the new track on repeat for hours. This remix is still fantastic even though it isn’t as good as previous versions.


Final Destination Turns off Items and Chooses Fox Only!

smash bros

Final Destination is not for the weak

I still like Melee Final Destination (FD) the best, but this one looks like it might be an incredibly close second. However, both stages couldn’t be more different when it comes to aesthetics.

I like Melee FD for its simple geometry. It doesn’t try to look realistic and it just does its job and gets out.

Smash Bros. Ultimate gives us a much more detailed — some may say over-designed — FD. This stage has hints of industrial/sci-fi art with the large pieces of what looks like space ships next to a green ether stream and crystals. I’m not quite sure what this may be pointing to, but it’s safe to assume that we’ll likely know the significance of the stage design before we get our hands on Smash Bros. Ultimate.


9/5: Alolan Exeggutor Grows Up!

smash bros

A wild wall tree appeared!

I can’t say I expected Exeggutor to be the first non-mega evolution Pokémon to have the typing of Grass/Dragon. The whole thing is a pretty hilarious situation. From the ridiculous combination of types to their ridiculous height, Alolan Exeggutor is a wonderful mess.

This big boy acts as an imposing wall when released from a Pokéball. Alolan Exeggutor would be one of the more annoying Pokémon in the game if it didn’t have such a dumb smile on its most visible face. It could have been another Helirin situation where it just gets in the way in an obnoxious manner. This dumb ol’ tree is alright by me.


9/9: Bowser Burns it Down!

Last and least this week is King Koopa. Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS was a big step forwards for the giant turtle’s competitive viability. Of course, he’s still not seeing any play in major tournaments. Once Bowsercide was figured out all you had to do was avoid smash attacks and you were golden.

The biggest change to Bowser in Smash Bros. Ultimate is his Final Smash. He still gets his Giga Bowser transformation. However, this time around he teleports to the background of the stage and lines up a deathly punch that packs a terrifying amount of power. This time around you won’t need to worry about SDing because you’re incapable of controlling Giga Bowser.


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