What are you doing to us, Sakurai? I can understand appeasing the Daisy fans, but even the puppy dog waifu Smash Bros. fans get their wishes granted? I thought you were merciful! Apologies, I could never understand the supreme power of you, Sakurai. Forgive my mortal insolence. Isabelle will make a fine addition to the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.

I don’t know about you, but the last few minutes of the Direct last week threw me for a loop. It’s always a good week when a new unique fighter gets revealed. Most of the other announcements from last week were relatively mundane. This week we take in a remixed theme song from a game where you pik min, a street fighter, and none other than Bill Trinen’s canine wife.


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9/10: Toon Link Thrashes Wildly!

Somebody bring this boy home to his parents. What is a child doing wielding a sword and fighting against an evil wizard?

Toon Link is one of the oddballs when it comes to Smash. He’s not the most well-known version of Link to the average gamer. That would likely be adult Link since the last two versions of the main console Legend of Zelda games feature the older incarnation of the Hero of Time. I would even argue that Young Link is more iconic because of his inclusion in the NES, SNES, and N64 games.

When it comes to Ultimate, it doesn’t seem like much has changed for this little guy. The kit he had in Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS was already a fantastic representation of this highly emotive version of Link. No reason to mess with perfection.

Some may say that without changes the character can become stale. There’s just something about Toon Link that never gets boring. I’m a big fan of projectile-heavy characters. I don’t like to camp, but being able to toy with your opponent from a distance while navigating the stage is a joy.

9/11: Pikmin – Main Theme Boldly Steps in!

Well, you get what you’re sold here. It’s Pikmin with a heavy coating of that signature Smash Bros. orchestral sound.

For a game that is about such a small scale, the grandeur in this song is almost out of place for Pikmin. However, it makes sense for Smash Bros.

Summit Slides in!

Smash Bros

It sure is a slippery slope

The best Ice Climber stage returns to Smash Bros.! That’s not saying much though since Icicle Mountain from Melee is one of the most infamously bad stages in Smash history. Nobody likes a vertical scrolling stage.

Summit, on the other hand, is a respectable stage. You just float along a frozen ocean after sliding down a frozen mountain. It’s a pretty chill stage. The biggest thing you gotta look out for is the fishy lurking beneath the surface. Don’t go for a swim or you might get snapped up by this aquatic menace.

9/12: Ryu Comes Back to Smash Bros.!

Ryu looks as buff as ever. He’s still the same old street fighter, but this time around he might be bringing a friend with him.

Ryu is essentially unchanged from the last Smash Bros. apart from him always facing the enemy. This was a measure to make his directional moves easier to input. While we’re yet to see how this will impact his back air it seems like it will hurt his air game. Giving you fewer options will increase predictability.

The good news is that if the many rumors are true we’ll also be getting Ken. Even though Ken wouldn’t add anything special to the roster, more third-party representation is always welcome.


9/13: All in a Day’s Work

Isabelle is here. Best of all, she isn’t an Echo Fighter. Based upon her trailer and the Smash Bros. Ultimate site, it seems that the latest Animal Crossing character is her own unique fighter. It’s also important to note that Isabelle is the first animal character from the Animal Crossing series to make their way to Smash Bros. as a fighter.

Rumors about the inclusion of Isabelle were abundant. Many leakers had her marked down as an Echo Fighter of Villager. I’m not sure if this can necessarily disprove these informants, but it’s a considerable hit to their credibility. From time to time leakers are given false information, and it’s easy to understand how a lie can become believable if enough people receive the same information.

9/16: Isabelle Misses the Mayor!

I’ll just let this one breathe. I’ve already said everything I wanted to about Isabelle. You can see a few of her moves in her intro trailer. They resemble Villager’s, but to a discerning eye it’s clear that she’s going to play quite differently.

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