Sakurai, you are a beautiful ageless man-like child making a game for manchildren. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your endless hours of trying to appease the ungrateful, slovenly horde that is the Smash Bros. community.

This past week of posts on the Smash Bros. Blog gave us something neat that I’ve only seen on the Japanese version of the site. Nothing too new was shown off, but we got an abomination on a tower, facial transplant surgery, and a deadly bed sheet. Let’s get at it.


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10/1: Sheik Jumps the Fish!

Well, this post sort of set everyone’s hair on fire last week. Sheik is wearing the Sheikah outfit from Breath of the Wild, but that’s not the change people were talking about.

This post referred to Sheik using the male pronoun ‘his’. All forms of official media from Nintendo have referred to Sheik as male and female at different times. It doesn’t matter. Sheik is not real, does not have a gender, and is every gender. Disaster seems to strike so often in Hyrule that Sheik likely doesn’t have time to be introspective about who they feel they truly are.


10/2: Afternoon on the Island or Afternoon of Smash Bros.?!

I know I’m going to sound like a hypocrite since I complained about a chill game like Animal Crossing getting an up-beat remix. But I swear this is much better and works as a remix.

I didn’t get too far into Tomodachi Life on 3DS, but it was a fun little experiment. I still don’t quite see the audience Nintendo was shooting for with that game. It was incredibly bizarre, but contained social element to appeal to casuals by pulling on the Miis in your system. This encouraged people to collect the Miis of their friends to put them into hilarious situations.

The game may have not been for me, but this remix is. It reminds me of the simplicity of the Mii Maker and Wii Shop Channel songs. A light and airy melody with a chipper beat makes for a fun and happy song.


Saffron City Brings the Nostalgia!

smash bros saffron city

Venusaur really let himself go…

This was my favorite stage in Super Smash Bros. If I got to choose the stage, then you already knew we were going to Saffron. I remember the sprites looking better than they do now, but of course that’s what cathode ray tubes and scan lines will do to your memory.

The only thing that could make this better was if Clefairy worked the way she did in the N64 version. All I want is a swarm of Clefairies on Saffron City. Is that really too much to ask?


10/3: Fox Flashes Back!

Blip, blip, blip. No, multishining is not back in Smash Bros. Ultimate. I just felt like that’s the best way to introduce Fox.

Just like Falco and Wolf, the Landmaster is dead and gone. Instead the space animals all have a new Final Smash that they all share. There are a few differences in the cutscenes, but they all function in the same manner.

Star Fox Smash Bros

What a beautiful box

What was cool about the Fox post this week is that the US version of the Smash Bros. Blog took a page from the Japanese blog. After talking about what the fighter does in Smash there was another post about the fighter’s game of origin. There was also a high-quality Super Famicom box art shot. It doesn’t get any better than that.


10/4: Mimikyu Goes in For the Kill!

Mimikyu Smash Bros

The doctor is out

This is the week where I reveal I’m a hypocrite. Last week I complained about the instant KO ability that Death’s Scythe possesses. This week I’m saying that I like Mimikyu even though it has an instant KO ability.

What’s not to love about a ghost hiding under cloth that’s shaped like a Pikachu? Even though Mimikyu can instantly KO anyone with over 100% damage, it’s not an issue. The Pokémon AI in Smash Bros. was never known to be remarkably good. I’m not too worried about Mimikyu since you should be able to easily run away from it. However, I could always be terribly misjudging Mimikyu’s grab range.


10/7: Wii Fit Trainer Gets a Facial Transplant!

Oh boy, a joke character. As much as I want to dislike Wii Fit Trainer, I just can’t. The Wii era was a weird time, but it was a majorly important time in Nintendo’s history. If R.O.B. is still in Smash Bros. then Wii Fit Trainer deserves to be just as much.

This fighter’s moveset doesn’t seem to have changed much from the last iteration. The biggest change is in the face of the character. It looks less like a lifeless android and more like a terrifyingly anemic — yet dashing — personal trainer.

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All photos and videos in this article are from the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Blog.

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