Yet another 7 rotations of the Earth have happened since we last met, and another handful of posts have shown up on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Blog. However, the most covered Smash news of the week came to us from a [fake] leak on 4chan. The post contains 11 code names which supposedly corresponds to 11 unannounced fighters coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate. I won’t go in-depth on this, since there’s not much weight behind the leak so it would just be a waste of your time. If you’re more of a dreamer then I wholeheartedly encourage you to search for those leaks.

Now follow me into the pit of despair known as waiting for December 7 as we look at the Chinese Water Torture-like release of Smash news.


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7/9: Kirby Floats onto the Scene!

This little pink puffball is one of the cutest characters in Super Smash Bros. Unfortunately, his adorable stature doesn’t translate to an equal level of strength.

For the most part Kirby’s moveset has stayed the same except for his dash attack. This time around Sakurai brings back the Melee dash attack where Kirby uses his fireball transformation to heat up his competition. In the two previous iterations of Smash Bros. Kirby would flip on his head and spin around while dashing. It’s an odd-looking maneuver that always felt slightly unintuitive.


7/10: Mega Man 4 Medley, Alolan Raichu Surfs into Smash Bros.

Long time Sonic the Hedgehog composer, Jun Senoue, has now been tasked to arrange Mega Man music for a Nintendo game. The previous sentence is a magical string of words that makes me so happy. You can notice the Sonic influence from the from the start with the style of electric guitars and drums. I personally prefer the originals, but this remix is well made.

The laid-back Alolan version of everyone’s second favorite electric mouse makes its Smash Bros. debut. This form of Raichu uses its tail as a surfboard to float around the stage. It attacks by charging at your enemies to send them flying. I love the Alolan Pokémon forms in general and this version of Raichu is one of my favorites. The idea of using the giant tail as a surfboard looks natural and fits the Hawaiian-inspired aesthetic perfectly.

Alolan Raichu Smash Bros

What a cool surfin’ dude!


7/11: Mega Man Rocks Out!

To say I was ecstatic about Mega Man’s reveal for Smash for Wii U/3DS would be a gross understatement. It was one of the most hype-inducing moments when it comes to gaming-related reveals.

Yet, the blue bomber seems to have become an afterthought in the minds of Smash Bros. fans. His moveset and looks are mostly unchanged, with a minor exception being the aesthetic addition of Proto Man and Bass. I feel a small amount of sadness that the existence of Mega Man seems to be taken for granted now. It has been just over five years ago since he was revealed as a fighter and he was already one of the least played characters at the Smash Bros. Invitational. I love Smash as a competitive game, but it’s important to appreciate what’s in front of you. We may never see a game with crossovers like this again, so you might as well enjoy every minute of it.


7/12: Pit Flies too Close to the Sun!

The inclusion of Dark Pit and Palutena in the previous game has solidified the importance of Pit in Smash Bros. Sakurai had a part to play in it too since he has adopted Pit as a pet project. After just one 3DS game the Kid Icarus fanbase exploded. Kid Icarus Uprising is one of the best 3DS games, and likely wouldn’t have come into existence without the addition of Pit in Brawl. This isn’t the first case of Smash revitalizing a dormant series, but it’s probably one of the most unlikely. In the case of Fire Emblem, it had already built a fanbase in Japan with a handful of games. Kid Icarus, on the other hand, had one NES game and one Game Boy title. Although many people dislike the amount of representation Kid Icarus gets, it’s hard to deny the great story that is the revival of the series.


7/15: Pichu’s Internal Battle Continues!

Last and least this week is Pichu. The baby pre-evolution of Pikachu still hurts itself with its electric-based attacks. The best thing Pichu has going for itself is that its small size makes it a difficult target to hit. The Tiny Mouse Pokémon is kind of cute too, but that won’t do you much good in Smash Bros.

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