Welcome to the first day of August, mortals. As the world laments the lack of Smash Bros. on Switch another week passes. Luckily for us Smash sad sacks Nintendo is dribbling drops of delicious information straight through our little gullets. Some bits miss the gaping maw of the community, but as they dribble down our collective chins we all know it’s the thought that counts.

This week we had about a 50/50 split of fighters and other miscellaneous posts. The most hype character is back at it again, the most terrifying balloon in media returns (sorry Pennywise), and we get a Breath of the Wild stage.


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Hyrule Smash Bros.

What a fantastic view!

7/23: Great Plateau Tower Rises to the Occasion!

It was no surprise when this stage was revealed at E3. Champion Link had all but been confirmed in the March Nintendo Direct. Breath of the Wild (BotW) was the killer app that pushed many people — me included — to pick up a Switch at launch. It would make less sense to omit a BotW stage.

That said, I’m not a huge fan of this stage. Of course, like anything else in gaming I won’t completely knock it before I try it. I can’t wait to try it out, but the stage looks cramped in the middle. Luckily the top portion of the tower can be destroyed temporarily to open up the battlefield.

I also must say that this is one of the most beautiful stages I’ve seen in a Smash Bros. game. It certainly helps when the source material is as gorgeous as BotW. The background is a juxtaposition of the foreboding Death Mountain and Hyrule Castle looming imposingly over the serene grasslands below. The tower in the foreground is cloaked in intricate Jomon Period style art that is seen throughout BotW.

Even though I’m skeptical I can’t wait to try out this stage.


7/24: The Only Place You’ll Hear the F-Zero Medley is in Smash Bros.! & Princess Peach’s Castle Gets an Upgrade!

I feel like every Smash Bros game has a song that ends up becoming a meme. This iteration is no different.

Nintendo has revealed the F-Zero Medley and I’m not quite sure what to say about it. It’s a medley of F-Zero songs but they added lyrics. You really need to listen for the full effect. As goofy as this song sounds from the short snippet, I can’t wait to hear the whole version. It’s already confirmed that Death Wind and Fire Field are in the medley, but I can only hope that White Land will be included as well. Take a listen to the previous Smash Bros. remix of White Land if you’ve never heard the song before.

The Melee classic is back with vengeance! Well not really, but Peach’s Castle has some fantastic graphical upgrades. I love what they’re doing with the classic stages this time around. In previous iterations of Smash Bros., returning stages received mere resolution upgrades. The picture looked clearer, but the details were muddied. This time around your can see the detail of each individual shingle on the roof of the castle. Even the Bullet Bills got a shiny new coat of wax.

Peach's Castle Smash Bros.

Bullet Bill was just going for a morning stroll and this castle came up out of nowhere.


7/25: R.O.B. — yet again — Escapes Obscurity!

This robot will not die. R.O.B. is one of the least memorable Smash Bros. fighters. His unique moveset is a great asset to a roster of ever-increasing clon- I mean ‘echo fighters’. This little hunk of nintendium that could is also the only fighter that didn’t debut in a video game and is the only is peripheral. I won’t talk too much about Gyromite in fear that someone might show an interest in the game. Stay away if you know what’s good for you — or if you just like good games. R.O.B. is a special part of Nintendo’s history that is best forgotten for what it was and better remembered for being in Smash Bros. and Mario Kart.


7/26: Captain Falcon Jumps Back in the Saddle!

Everyone’s favorite ripped bounty hunter is Falcon Punching his way back into Smash Bros.

Captain Falcon hasn’t changed too much since we last saw him. He still has large muscles, an incredibly fashionable scarf, and inexplicable triangle-shaped eyes. The biggest change announced at E3 was the slowdown effect on the Falcon Punch. However, anyone can get that slowdown effect to happen if the conditions are right. Otherwise, Captain Falcon is the same old hype machine that you know and love.


7/29: Jigglypuff Lets the Air out of the Room!

Speaking of characters who haven’t changed much over the years:  Jigglypuff.

I hope that this iteration of the Balloon Pokémon has a better air game than its Brawl and Wii U/3DS counterparts. Rest is still the most dangerous attack in Smash Bros., but that hardly matters when there aren’t reliable combos into the move. I wouldn’t mind a return to Melee form for Jigglypuff. By that I mean a more reliable air game and more reliable combos into rest. Up throw into rest is still a bad idea though since it requires little to no skill. It makes no sense to give a character such a powerful move with no reliable ways to utilize it with requisite skill.


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