Another week, another 7 days closer to death. Welcome to yet another week of posts on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Blog. This time around we got some more fighter videos, there was a cuddly-looking murderous bear, and a potentially blasphemous remix of the Snake Eater theme.

Don’t worry, I’m suffering just as much as you are while waiting for December. We’ll make it there together.

7/16: Moray Towers Ascends to New Heights

Moray Towers Smash Bros.

Moray Towers looks great at night.

Moray Towers is one of my favorite maps in Splatoon. The verticality is vastly different from the more horizontally laid out maps. This unique layout forces you to change up your playstyle from quick horizontal movements to one that focuses more on maintaining the high ground. However, success on this stage in Smash Bros. calls for a different style of play.

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Since most fighters in Smash Bros are more vulnerable while above their opponents it’s best to stay low. There’s plenty of room to run around here too, so Sonic mains might be a bit tricky.

When it comes to competitive play, I’m willing to bet a hefty sum that this stage will eventually get banned. It may see some play in the first few months, or maybe even the first year. In the end there’s far too much space on Moray Towers which can and likely will get abused by people who play for time out victories.

7/17: Snake Eater Remix Slithers into the Soundtrack, Wily Castle Gets its Party Crashed by Yellow Devil.

I’m still not sure how to feel about this Snake Eater remix. I’m always down for a good Smash Bros remix, but everything Metal Gear after Kojima just feels wrong to me. That said, it’s an incredible remix of an already fantastic song. Snake Eater is an intensely campy song, but at the same time it’s filled with soul and emotion. Without a doubt Snake Eater is my favorite video game theme song of all time, and I can’t wait to smash people around on Shadow Moses Island to this remix.

The Wily Castle stage returns in Ultimate — Yellow Devil and all. Unfortunately, nothing has changed here from the Wii U version of the game. This was one of the stages I wanted to love so much in the, but the uncool yellow cycloptic version of the Kool Aid Man had to ruin everything. The best thing about this stage is that hazards can finally be toggled off which means I will finally get to enjoy Wily Castle.

Wily Castle Smash Bros

Look out for that annoying Yellow Devil.

7/18: Bowser Jr. Trick Shots on His Enemies!

Coming off his multitude of tournament victories in Mario Tennis Aces, Bowser Jr. trades in his racquet for a hammer. The only cannon offspring of Bowser hops back in his Jr. Clown Car for another round of battles in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Unorthodox projectiles and unique movement made Bowser Jr. one of my favorite Smash for 3DS and Wii U newcomers. It’s so bizarre to think that Bowser Jr. wasn’t in any Smash Bros games until the fourth time around. Then when I take the time to think about how he didn’t exist in the Mario universe until after Melee it starts to make more sense. Either way it’s great to have him on the roster along with Bowser’s potentially illegitimate children.

7/19: Bewear Squeezes Out the Competition!

Bewear Smash Bros


Beware the Bewear or you will be wearing a toe tag. That’s essentially the gist of Bewear’s Pokédex entry. There’s a little bit more about accidentally killing their trainers while hugging them, but that about covers it.

Bewear never seems to unleash its full hugging power in Smash Ultimate, instead opting to use its fighting moveset.

I am a huge fan of this addition since Bewear is one of my favorite Pokémon from Sun and Moon. His appearance is unassuming, the simplistic design is reminiscent of the first generation, and his Pokédex entries are horrifying:

Bewear Pokedex

Hold onto your spines, trainers.

7/22: Mii Fighter Inserts Themselves into Smash Bros!

I’m not a big fan of Mii Fighter, but Miis are an important part of Nintendo history. Yet, everywhere I go there are Nintendo fans chomping at the bit to hate on Miis.

A little aside here: if you feel your experience is lessened because a certain character is in Smash Bros, get over yourself. I can understand not wanting to play as a character but getting enraged over the joy of someone else is a tremendous waste of time and horrendously childish.

I hope that this time around Sakurai and Co. can find a way to balance the Miis for online and tournament play. The description is vague, but it still seems like you get to choose special moves for the Miis. However, this differs from the previous game because it seems like you can only pick from three sets of moves instead of individually selecting four special moves. Of course, this is only my interpretation of what they said, but it seems to make sense if they’re doing away with custom moves.

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