I have humbled myself at the feet of Masahiro Sakurai after coming down from the high of correctly predicting King K. Rool and Simon Belmont. I was becoming languid from the meager stream of information which the Super Smash Bros. Blog provides. The Direct was manna for my malnourished Smash soul. My frailty has become ferrous-like strength.

That was then and this is now. I figure I’ll need to ration myself on the remnants of the Smash Bros. Direct for quite some time. The sheer volume of announcements and reveals could fill more than one month’s worth of blog posts. We are blessed. Let’s make our way through the week that was as we look at a new Kirby item, a new remix, and three new characters.

Bomber Smash Bros

Look out for this boomer

8/6: Bomber Bursts on the Scene!

Last week we saw another explosive item in the Fake Smash Ball. This week we get another as the Bomber enemy from the Kirby joins Smash Bros. As an item.

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The Bomber power-up in Kirby games was always one of my favorites. Its power was unstoppable and could clear even the most challenging rooms.

This time around anybody can use the Bomber for their own gains. It’s activated in the same way the Special Flag from Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS. Hold down the A button and after about 1.5 seconds you have a fully cooked Bomber. The explosion is stronger in the center so they suggest running as far away as you can once your opponent grabs the item. If we’re gonna be real here though, hitting your enemy is most likely the best way to go. Your opponent can’t move while holding A to activate the item. You should be able to get to your opponent within 90 frames. Just stay put if you’re on opposite ends of a large stage like Final Destination. You have no excuses. Just don’t get hit.

8/8: King K. Rool Reigns Supreme!

All hail the king! The leader of the Kremlings has finally made his way into Smash Bros. After Years of speculation and disappointment the K. Rool loyalists have been rewarded.

I love the Donkey Kong Country series and it is about time. I understand why it took so long since K. Rool is less relevant than some other Nintendo villains. Despite that, his historical importance to the DKC franchise outweighs his lack of recent appearances.

King K. Rool looks like a blubbery mass of unstoppable reptile.  His moveset is an assortment of callbacks to his different game appearances. This incarnation is the ultimate love letter to fans of King K. Rool.

Simon Belmont Whips the Competition into Shape!

Castlevania characters have finally made their way into Smash Bros.  This means that Konami is the second third-party developer to have multiple playable fighters in Smash — Capcom was the first with Mega Man and Ryu.

Simon is looking to be exceptionally dangerous. With the family heirloom, Vampire Killer, and an assortment of other weapons he’ll be a scary opponent.

I love the attention to detail that Sakurai includes in these characters. Simon maintains his awkward, robotic walk animation from Castlevania. He took that jerky motion and made it look almost natural. I guess It makes sense for a frame encased in pure muscle to move that way.

Bloody Tears/Monster Dance Spills the Beans!

Castlevania music is fantastic. Sakurai said his music team liked the soundtracks so much that they decided to include 34 tracks for one stage. Tough decisions are made in every Smash Bros. game. This time around it almost seems like they’re challenging themselves to see how much content can fit into the game.

Of course, the remix is a well composed work of art. However, the bigger story here is how this track was revealed. The night before the Direct this song’s inclusion in Ultimate was accidentally leaked by Nintendo. The Galaga Medley that was released earlier suddenly underwent a name change. This all but confirmed Simon’s inclusion in the game, but luckily there were plenty of surprises left in store.

8/12: Richter Belmont Opens the Floodgates!

A third-party echo fighter you say? Blasphemy! Richter Belmont’s inclusion in Ultimate as an echo fighter is great news for Castlevania diehards. This is also fantastic news for fans of other third-party characters.

Richter’s introduction to Smash Bros. means that almost anything can happen now. Up until last week we never had a non-Nintendo character join the roster as a clone/echo. This opens the flood gates to the possibility of Big Boss, Shadow, Ken, Ms. Pac Man, etc. It’s an exciting and terrifying notion. I would love to see some of the aforementioned characters, but I’m also worried that this could lead to an overabundance of echo fighters.


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