Is it December 7 yet? Well now that it’s September at least Smash Bros. is only three months away. Yet, Sakurai teases us daily with his relentless stream of updates. Despite my incessant whining, I can’t imagine a world without these nurturing blog posts. Thank you, Sakurai, for your — almost — daily blog posts and Smash Bros. pictures.

This week had mostly high-quality content. It was still the typical run of already known stages, assists, characters. We got one new song though. It wasn’t much, but it’s better than nothing new in a week. Come along now as we take a look at a big wyvern, a bipedal canis lupus, and the coolest city council meeting you’ve ever seen.

8/27: Rathalos Huffs and Puffs and Blows Smash Bros. Down!

Smash Bros

This big boy means business

The big bad Rathalos from Monster Hunter is the first character from the Capcom series to make it into Smash. Rathalos swoops down and breaths fire just like you would expect a wyvern to do.

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What’s interesting here is that it also seems like there’s an unofficially announced Monster Hunter stage coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate. This could also hint at the possibility of Monster Hunter being included in the game as a fighter. While having a stage in Smash doesn’t necessarily mean that there will also be a playable character it certainly is a step in the right direction.

While Resident Evil and Devil May Cry are more well-known Capcom franchises in the West, Monster Hunter is huge in Japan. It’s been well documented that even if a series is exclusively popular in Japan — like Fire Emblem Pre-Melee — it still stands a chance in Smash. It seems that everything is pointing towards a Monster Hunter playable fighter, but only time will tell.

8/28: Yoshi’s New Island – Main Theme Simplifies the Battle!

This song doesn’t inspire much fighting spirit. It’s a simple song that never really picks up to what you would expect from a Smash Bros. remix. It’s disappointing, just like the game from which it came.

New Donk City Hall Jumps Up!


Smash Bros

Jump up to Pauline to start that catchy tune

Now when we talk about the mirror opposite in terms of gameplay and music we get Super Mario Odyssey. Jump Up Superstar makes its triumphant return in New Donk City Hall. When you pass by one of the musicians they’ll start playing their part in the song.

We already know that every stage will have every song from its respective series as background music. I’m wondering how that will work on this stage. I get it for Jump Up Superstar, but we have yet to see how or if it would work for other Mario songs. If the music gimmick works for every song on the stage it could be just another impressive detail on the long list of Smash Bros. Ultimate’s features.

8/29: Peach Picks Her Battles!

Peach, Princess Toadstool, the cheating character, whatever you call her she’s one of the most dangerous fighters in Smash. She hasn’t seen much high-level play since Melee, but Peach is still one of the most loved fighters. Just like her past appearances she can float, throw turnips, and smack her opponents with a frying pan. Not too much has changed to her moveset, but she still has a mystery Final Smash. I would love to see a giant stitch face turnip as her Final Smash. It would be both deadly and intimidating — for a turnip.

8/30: Wolf Claws His Way Back!

This fluffy space animal is finally back in Smash Bros. after a decade away. His moveset seems to be essentially the same as it was in Brawl. This is fantastic because Wolf was the only Star Fox character with a fun variation on the space animal moveset. The classic Nintendo series also sorely needed a villainous presence on the Smash Bros. roster. The recent games in the Star Fox series have been sub-par at best. Luckily the fanbase still holds out hope for the return to the good old days. This willingness to hold on to the past seems to have revived Wolf for now.

9/2: Ike Lays the Smack Down!

What’s better than a big muscled dude with an equally massive sword? Nothing. Except maybe someone who is faster. Poor Ike still suffers from the fate of being a slow power hitter. If you get your hands on your opponent, then they’re doomed. If you don’t, then be prepared for a long match. This time you get to choose from two different Ike versions: Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn. You can’t go wrong with either of these blue-haired beauties.

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