Welcome back Smash Bros. fans. I’m feeling a little down this week. The realization is starting to set in again that December is too far away. O Sakurai, why have you forsaken us? Your divine delicacies that are the Super Smash Bros. Blog posts don’t satisfy my ravenous information needs. Though it may be heresy, alas, I may resort to the consumption of internet leaks.

This week we got stuff we’ve all heard and seen before. A certain psychic Pokémon joins the ranks, we get another Fire Emblem character, more Metroid, and the darkest stage in Smash Bros. history.

8/13: Abra Teleports you to your Death!

Abra in Smash Bros

Stay away if you value your life

Abra literally have the best life in the world. They’re sedentary all day and then teleport far away at the first sign of human interaction. That sounds like the life to me.

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This is Abra’s first appearance in the Smash Bros. Series, but I can already tell the little bugger will be a pain. When this psychic jerk comes out of the Pokéball it just floats there and creates a dark portal. Any unlucky soul to fall in gets teleported to a random part of the screen. It’s only a minor inconvenience when you get teleported somewhere else on the stage. Of course, this psychopath — to quote the great Kevin Harlan — has no regard for human life. Abra doesn’t care who you are. It won’t even think twice about teleporting you off stage. Do you have $100 on this match? Too bad, a clairvoyant craven just took your gas money for the month. The moral of the story is still bet money on Smash Bros., but just stay away from Abra.

8/14: Gangplank Galleon Gets Loud!

And I thought the third Pokémon generation had a lot a of trumpets. I may be in the minority here, but I liked the original more.

The previous remixes of Gangplank Galleon were truer to the original work. I liked the sea shanty intro with the gradual transition into a metal guitar riff. The trumpets still maintain the same intensity of a lightly clothed ape’s battle against a bipedal crocodile in royal garb.

Dracula’s Castle Darkens Smash Bros.

Dracula's Castle in Smash bros

So spooooooky

Welcome to the darkest stage in Smash Bros. history, Dracula’s Castle. I think when Sakurai referred to this as the darkest stage I think he meant in terms of lighting. There’s really no way to be sure though.

Dracula’s Castle features some of the baddest baddies of Castlevania lore. There are random encounters with The Creature, Mummies, Carmilla, and even Dracula. This is the greatest number of bosses a Smash Bros. stage has ever seen. The team went all out with the Castlevania representation in Ultimate.

8/15: Chrom Joins his Family!

Is he Roy? Is he Ike? Even though he’s confirmed to be an echo fighter of Roy, that up special sure looked like Ike’s. Either way it’s nice to have Chrom in the game. There haven’t been any main line Fire Emblem games released since Corrin decided to join Smash Bros. That’s likely why we saw Chrom get promoted to playable fighter. Like Sakurai said, Chrom was one of the most requested characters along with the next blog post.

8/16: Dark Samus Crawls from the Phazon!

I never expected two new Metroid games at E3 2017. Likewise, I never expected two new Metroid fighters in the next Smash Bros. game.

The Dark Samus model in Ultimate looks incredible. Since Little Mac’s jump to the playable roster it has become customary to compare assist trophy models to playable fighter models. The attention to detail on the fighter models always blows the assist trophy models out of the water. Dark Samus is no exception. It almost looks like the jump from a PS2 game to current day graphics.

Dark Samus’ status as an echo fighter is a little bit of a letdown since she’s such an important part of Metroid lore. Then again, I shouldn’t complain when a fighter from my favorite game franchise makes it into Smash Bros.

8/19: Villager is the Quiet one!

I love the little guy. The female Villager skins are also good — if not better. Animal Crossing is the quintessential relaxation game. Play at your own pace, so what you want, plant trees as you please. Somehow that chill attitude translates well to the frenetic pace of Smash Bros.

Villager’s moveset is the perfect representation of the source material. They’re just a little unassuming human with an overwhelming arsenal. The Gyroid missiles, falling trees, and bowling balls are some of the most vicious attacks in the game. It’s always the quiet ones. Don’t blink or this pint-sized Mayor might make you regret it.

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