Super Nintendo World Coming To Orlando In 2023

It looks like those in North America will have to wait awhile before they can run about in the Mushroom Kingdom, as new information indicates that the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park attraction won’t hit the states until 2023.

According to WESHUniversal’s parent company Comcast reported during a recent investors meeting that the Nintendo-inspired location will come as a part of the new Epic Universe theme park. Currently, the new location is set to arrive at Universal Studios in Orlando some time in 2023.

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Super Nintendo World will also open this summer in Universal Studios in Japan, where guests can enjoy various Nintendo-themed rides and experiences. The Japanese location will feature both a Mario Kart and Yoshi ride, with potentially more rides coming in the future. Visitors will also receive special wrist bands that will allow them to interact with the park.

How do you feel about Super Nintendo World coming to Orlando in 2023? Can you bear to wait? Let us know in the comments below! For more news updates, check out our articles on SEGA’s Sonic 2020 project and Dying Light 2’s delay. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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Oscar Navarro

Oscar is a writer for Culture of Gaming. He is an aspiring video game journalist that follows anything and everything Nintendo. His favorite franchises consist of Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts.

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